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Video Production

Tell Your Story Using Video in Springfield Missouri

If a picture's worth a thousand words,  then a video's worth a million. A lot of our focus in getting more traffic to your website is writing text to make the search engines happy. But if you want to engage your customers and increase their time on your website, we recommend having a short summary video on your landing page that explains who you are and what you do. 

Most people are lazy and they'd rather watch the movie than read the book. Online video in Springfield Missouri is extremely powerful for driving more traffic to your website and for converting more of those visitors into customers and yet videos are largely overlooked as an effective and affordable advertising tool by most small businesses. 

Capture Attention

Use professional videos to introduce your business.

Upload Videos

Use your commercials both online and offline to get maximum value.

Drive More Traffic

Videos stand out in search results and get more clicks.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos are the easiest type of video production marketing to create. Our video editor combines still photographs or existing video footage with sound or music. We can turn your radio ads into internet video productions and take your offline investments and repurpose them to help drive more traffic to your website. 

Animation Videos

Animation video productions do a great job illustrating how your product or service works. We can rotate the perspective from any angle to offer views you never thought were possible (even the interior of your product) and the computerized, high tech look and feel of these videos yields extra credibility for your company.

Summary Videos

Summarize your website with short promotional videos to showcase your business to website visitors. Your customers may not click on every page, but by capturing the personality of your business with one of our online video productions, you’ll win more customers for the dollar with one of our clever and creative viral video productions. 

Television Commercials

Television advertising only works if someone is watching that particular channel whenever it runs, but uploading your TV commercials online can help drive more traffic to your website. We use these broadcast video investments everywhere we can online to get your money’s worth. Our clever television commercials are as effective bringing you business after they've aired as they were when they ran on TV.

News Features

We can help you come up with creative ideas to have your business featured in a local news story. We can also post that broadcast video production in as many places as possible. Positive media coverage is the best form of advertising you can get, so don’t just get that bump in sales whenever your story first airs. We'll post the television video production online to maximize your good PR.

Tuned Out - Digital Marketing Springfield MO

Videos Stand Out

Did you know that YouTube is now the #2 search engine, second only to Google? And since Google owns YouTube, those internet video productions show up early and often in Google and more likely to get clicked on than a text only search result.

Videos in Springfield Missouri

Multiple Uses

Video productions and ad schedules can be expensive, but by using them both online and offline you can get more mileage out of your investment. That's why we turn your radio commercials into videos and post your TV commercials online so those investments can live on long after your commercials stop running.   

Video Production in Springfield Missouri

Shorter Attention Spans

Attention spans seem to keep getting shorter all the time. So we keep our video productions tight to keep viewers engaged until the end. Shorter videos cost less to produce and are more effective in delivering your message. If we can make your business seem knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy in your summary video, then that can do more to keep a visitor on your website and turn them into the customer than even the most clever and creative copywriting.