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Paid Search

Paid Search Using Google Ads in Springfield Missouri

The downsides to paid search are paying for website traffic and there's no residual effect. Once your campaign ends, those ads disappear with nothing to show for it. But the upside is you can move up to the top spot faster for a price and unlike traditional media advertising, you know it drives traffic directly to your website because you only pay when it works.

There's no denying that paid search advertising gets results. Most people don't scroll down and click on whatever is at the top of the page. The secret to effectively using Google ads in Springfield Missouri is making sure your paid search traffic generates enough business to justify the investment.  

Click Through Rate - Paid Search in Springfield Missouri

Move Up To The Top

There's a reason businesses are willing to pay a premium to be listed at the top of the search results pages. Most people won't scroll down and click whatever is at the top of the page. That's great if those clicks actually lead to more customers. But if you're paying for clicks that don't convert then you're simply driving up your expenses. We make sure clicks lead to conversions before recommending additional budget allocation.

Targeting Phase - Inbound Marketing Springfield MO

Targeting The Ideal Customer

We take the time to figure out not only the best keywords to target, but also the negative keywords you don't want to pay for. It's worth paying more for clicks that have a higher rate of conversion. Negative keywords prevent paid search campaigns from attracting clicks from the casual visitor, so you can focus your resources on more interested customers.    

Return on Investment - Creative Agency in Springfield Missouri

Return On Investment

If you're not careful, it's easy to burn through a paid search budget fairly quickly. We carefully analyze who you are targeting and what you should spend. Our conversion tracking allows you to monitor how much you are spending for each new customer to make sure you're getting a good return on your investment.