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Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis For Paid Search in Springfield Missouri

Analyzing your existing paid search performance is critical to determining the overall health and return on investment of your existing online advertising initiatives. We work with you to understand what your goals are so we can identify the best metrics to measure your campaign's performance against those goals.

Traffic metrics like clicks, impressions, and engagement are valuable in measuring the success of your paid search in Springfield Missouri. But a campaign you run on Instagram will likely be less focused on direct response than your paid search campaigns will be. Success with a brand awareness push is measured differently than success with direct response.


What are the numbers we need to focus on to measure your rate of return?


What are the goals of your paid search campaigns? Reach, views or clicks?


What is your success rate for your key performance indicators?

Campaign Analysis - Internet Consulting Springfield MO

We Look At Your Paid Search Performance

Having a solid grasp of how well your existing paid search campaigns are performing can be difficult to determine on your own. We take the time to go over the fundamentals to help you evaluate which of your ad campaigns are performing well and which still need to be improved if they’re going to bring you the desired results. We use this information to analyze what’s working so you can apply it to future campaigns, or modify existing campaigns that are under-performing.

Click Through Rate - Paid Search in Springfield Missouri

We Analyze Your Click Through Rates

Examining your Click Through Rate (CTR) can help you determine the effectiveness of your targeting and ad creative. Low CTRs are an indication that something isn’t working. Either your message isn’t reaching the appropriate audience or your ad creative is failing to compel them to click on your ad. Strong click-through rates indicate that your ads are reaching the right people and are doing a good job of appealing to their needs. 

Conversion Rate - Paid Search in Springfield Missouri

We Examine Your Conversion Rates

Monitoring your campaign conversion rates will tell you how successful each campaign is at getting a user to take the desired action you’ve specified. Strong conversion rates indicate that your campaigns are targeting the right people and that your landing pages are working to convince them to take an action. 

Analyze Funnels - Paid Search in Springfield Missouri

We Check Out Your Sales Funnels

Weak conversion rates can be indicative of a problem somewhere in the path to conversion. It might be that there is a problem with your landing page or that your ad copy is misleading. Ads that target users higher up in the purchase funnel will likely have lower conversion rates simply because those users may not be ready to pull the trigger.