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Email Marketing

Increase Sales With Targeted Email in Springfield Missouri

Effective email marketing is much more than broadcasting an email every time you publish a blog post or sending email alerts whenever you have a promotion. Follow the Golden Rule and email your customers the way you'd like to receive emails. Only when you have something legitimately relevant to share with the recipient.

You'll have more success with targeted email in Springfield Missouri if you tailor your email marketing to the interests of your audience. Segmenting allows you to customize your emails based on each subscriber’s behavior. No one sees a promotion they aren’t interested in and your customers feel like their emails are tailor-made for them.

Dynamic Content

Emails that specifically discuss what a customer viewed are more relevant and effective.

Trigger Emails

Sending an abandoned shopping cart email with an incentive is more likely to convert a sale.

Fine Tuning

Measure open rates and run A/B testing to learn what works and improve over time.

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Quality Over Quantity

Just because email marketing is effective and affordable, don't overdo it or you risk doing more harm than good. If people start to unsubscribe from your email list or even worse, start to flag them as spam, it can be harder to get your message out when you do have something important to share. Always put yourself in the shoes of the recipient and make sure there is something of value to them in your emails so they will actually look forward to receiving them. 

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Creativity Wins

The most important step in getting an email opened is having a catchy subject line. Once they've opened your email, the best way to get them to actually read through it is making sure it looks great and maintains their interest. You'll need great visuals to capture their attention. A subtle animated GIF. A cute photo. Humor can help personalize your brand. Clever and creative emails not only get opened and read, but they get forwarded and shared with others and they're more likely to be opened in the future.  

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Send Email Traffic To Your Website

The most effective email marketing sends additional traffic to your website. Don't put everything in your emails. Whet their appetite with your emails, but send them to your website to get the full details. Not only does this make your emails load faster and easier to digest, but you don't want all that great content to vanish with the emails. You want it to live forever on your website and help boost your organic search results.