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Mobile App Development

Developing Mobile Apps in Springfield Missouri

We generally recommend developing responsive websites rather than mobile apps, because more people search online for websites than visit the app store. Websites are more accessible, because no one can use your app unless they download it. Websites are usually less expensive to develop, easier to maintain and you don't need different versions for each type of device.    

But if your customers need the ability to work offline or require a core functionality built into their mobile device like the camera to perform a specific task, then sometimes an app makes more sense. In these cases, we'll partner with technically creative application designers for the professional development of mobile apps in Springfield Missouri to deliver exactly what you need.

Easy Access

A downloaded app is easy to access on your smart phone.

Push Notifications

Apps can send push notification reminders for engagement.

Processing Power

Apps can use the mobile device to perform calculations.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

Your competition probably already has a website, but how many have partnered with an app maker to design their own mobile app? Apps can help build your brand by positioning your business as being more innovative and cutting edge by developing your own native app.

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Learn More About Your Customers

You can glean a fair amount on information about visitors to your mobile friendly website from Google Analytics, but not nearly the amount of customer data you can track from the users of your mobile app. You can learn about their buying habits, location, lifestyle, and more. Armed with this level of analytics, our app makers can create a mobile app experience tailored to their specific needs.

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Personalize The Experience

Armed with the customer data that you can gather from your mobile app, you can also tailor the user experience. One example of this is how Netflix makes recommendations based on your past viewing. Our app creators can customize your mobile app behavior around your customer's location, need, and habits to give them a much more personalized platform than a traditional responsive website can offer.