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Search Engine Marketing

Targeted Search Engine Marketing in Springfield Missouri

Search engine marketing differs from search engine optimization in that you are paying to show up at the top of the search results. You can target users based on the terms they have searched, the websites they visit or even if they share common characteristics with your existing customers. 

The best strategy for search engine marketing in Springfield Missouri is focusing on quality over quantity. Since you have to pay for clicks and impressions, you'll get a better return on your investment by spending your digital marketing dollars on traffic that has a better chance of converting.

Optimized Terms

We choose the best keywords to target that lead to more conversions and not just clicks.

Optimized Bids

We monitor ranking vs performance to calculate the optimum bids.

Optimized Ads

We split test multiple ad variations to find the optimum performance for your campaigns.

Relevance - Keyword Research in Springfield Missouri

Targeting Search Terms

While you can't retarget keywords on Google search, there are many other websites with search retargeting capabilities. The downside to search retargeting is that you have to pay for impressions rather than just paying for clicks. But the upside is that all SEM impressions are priced the same, so a keyword with a high price per click could be an affordable candidate for search retargeting.  

Click Through Rate - Paid Search in Springfield Missouri

Contextual Targeting

Another option for search engine marketing is targeting users who have visited specific websites or who have expressed an interest in a topic you want to target. Affinity SEM allows you to target people based on their long-term interests while Intent SEM targets users in a specific purchasing sphere. You can also target users based on age, gender, income and location to further narrow your focus.  

Buyer Personas - Internet Consulting Springfield MO

Targeting Lookalikes

With lookalike audiences, you can expand your targeting to potential new customers who are more likely to have an interest in your business, even if they’re not already familiar with you. Using lookalike audiences enables you to build your brand and engage new prospects who have specific characteristics that match your existing customers and make them ideal for your business.