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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization in Springfield Missouri

The core of your digital marketing should be improving where your website organically shows up in Google search results by making your company easier to find when someone is online searching for your type of business.

We live and breathe search engine optimization in Springfield Missouri because any dollars spent on improving your organic search results is the highest and best long term use of your marketing dollars. Period.

Keyword Research - Internet Consulting Springfield MO

Out of Sight Is Out of Mind

Top of mind awareness is a myth. Back before calculators existed, we could still do math in our heads. Back before Google existed, we would actually to remember something. Now we just Google it. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on other forms of advertising, if your business doesn't show up when someone is searching online for your type of business, they will visit your competitors instead.

Competitor Analysis - Internet Consulting Springfield MO

Search For Your Industry Not Your Business

If you search online for the name of your business, hopefully you're easy to find. But the real test is where do you show up for your type of business if someone doesn't know you exist?  Many small business owners think SEO is only for big companies. That’s good news for you. If they aren’t focused on local search engine optimization, then you’ll have less competition and can make a bigger splash with a smaller investment.

Google Algorithm - Search Engine Optimization in Springfield Missouri

SEO Is Constantly Evolving

Much like CPAs benefit from a complicated tax code, some people think digital marketing agencies benefit from Google always updating their algorithms. In reality, Google isn't trying to make our jobs harder. They're just constantly tweaking things trying to read your mind and give you exactly what you're searching for. Staying up to date on the latest search trends is our full time job and a critical component of your success.