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Mobile Marketing With Geofencing in Springfield Missouri

Geofencing gives you the ability to target potential customers within certain geographic boundaries by constructing a virtual fence around a business location that triggers your mobile ads. This hyper-targeted mobile marketing is extremely powerful as it allows you to personalize relevant ads knowing the consumer has visited a specific location.

The most effective aspect of geofencing in Springfield Missouri is striking while the iron is hot and targeting a customer while you know they are near your desired location and most receptive to your messaging. Consumers are more likely to take action while they are in the area and it's most convenient, but geofencing can still be effective after they have left as well.

Precise Location

Geofencing is hyper-local and extremely precise with the boundaries being targeted.

Mobile Targeting

Geofencing is more effective than geotargeting by focusing on mobile devices.

In The Moment

Geofencing is effective for attracting customers while they are nearby.

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Targeting Events And Trade Shows

If there is a local sporting event, concert or trade show where you feel the attendees would be good consumers to target, you can pay to be a sponsor and hope that they pay attention to your advertising or you can geofence the location of the event during the date and time of the event and anyone who attends will start seeing your ads on their mobile devices.

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Secretly Conquest Your Competition

It's a common practice to try to attract customers from your competition. You sometimes see this with pay per click advertising, where a competitor bids on the name another business. But this can create a bidding war. If you geofence a competitor's location, there isn't as clear of an indication of what triggered your ads. This also allows an attorney to geofence an emergency room without looking like an ambulance chaser.

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Generating Repeat Customers

Just like remarketing ads can be used to attract consumers who have visited your website, geofencing can be used in the real world to target customers who are either nearby or have already visited your business. A local restaurant could entice patrons of a nearby movie theater with offers while they are in the neighborhood or offer them deals to get them to come back for another visit.